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My latest still life shot. I made use of the tilt shift effect in my camera with this one, also pre flashed the paper to achieve a stronger range of tones. This is a unique print.
Size: 11x14”Ilford Harman Direct Positive PaperMark Hilton Photography.
Inspired by the workshop my darkroom was built in, I shot this image on my large format camera as a unique, direct positive print. The first in a series of still life photography I’m producing on the camera.
Shooting my first still life composition today.
Getting prepped for tomorrow! My camera with the Kodak Ektar lens attached, it has amazing bokeh so cannot wait to see the results.
The darkroom is all set! Heading in with the wooden 20x16” camera on Tuesday to start on a new body of work. New photography to come!
Worktop complete. Now I’ve just got to move in the trays, chemicals etc and start shooting. It’s taken a long time to get the room light tight but was definitely worth the work!

Paolo Roversi!

Keeping inspired while making the finishing touches to the darkroom.

Check out this nice blog dedicated to his work.

I have been back in the workshop getting my darkroom/studio project going, this is how it currently looks. The dark cloth backdrop will be the area for building still life sets, I have been mounting a collection of objects that will be great for a few ideas I have in mind. I need to build some shelving to finish off the bare bones of the room and then I can begin thinking about moving chemistry, trays and other photography gear in.

I was given this nice Kodak Junior folding camera for Xmas, really cool present! Love this style of camera. Merry Christmas x
New project in mind that involves this! Gradually getting everything together for the darkroom.